Dental Technique

The dental technique guarantees the success of a prosthetic treatment that can be obtained only after an effective cooperation between the dentist and the technician. The dentist is the one who determines the treatment plan and the techician is the one who materializes the chosen solution so as, ultimately, the patient is provided with the result he is expecting.

To ensure high quality services, CRISDENT CLINIC owns a Dental Technique Lab, equipped with modern specialized equipment, to offer our patients a full range of prosthetics, an exceptional value - price ration, because we want you to have a beautiful smile and to come back to us joyfully.
The particular aspect is the team-family work, which guarantees once again the quality of the prosthetics and the dedication to our patients.

The latest generation professional equipment, and also the highest quality materials, together with the technicians' craftsmanship, lead to the development of prosthetic devices with a high level of quality. We keep our promises regarding healthy teeth and impeccably executed denture, because we know that the team dentist- technician working perfectly is ideal for the patients' smiles.

Lately, everywhere in the modern world, zirconium quickly became the material of choice used to perform dental works. In fact zirconium oxide is a high density mineral with a structure similar to diamond, does not change in terms of quality in the mouth, it is bioinert, so it does not affect the tissues. The zirconium processing technology development has lead to the appearance of zirconium abutments, thus obtaining prosthetic devices of a remarkable physiognomy.

The dentist can transmit the laboratory:

- instructions on the type of work,
- materials used,
- pictures,
- footage for aesthetic evaluation,
- impressions performed correctly, identifying all the details of the preparations, mentioning the impression material,
- bite registrations properly carried out, by means of facial springs for mounting the models in the articulator, tooth color, texture, color, morphology to be reproduced in the final restoration, in order to obtain an appearance as physiognomic as possible (determination of color can also be made with the help of the dental technician).

The dentist makes the potential changes recommended by the laboratory and returns the improper works. He is also responsible for disinfecting the materials sent, and their transport in appropriate conditions.

The main responsibilities of the dental technician are: compliance with the information transmitted by the dentist, compliance with the deadlines of execution and delivery of the works, production of prosthetic devices that meet the patient needs in terms of functionality, morphology, and aesthetically, the technician can attend certain stages of treatment, when is deemed necessary.

The technicians are dedicated exclusively to making prosthetic works that require very little adjustment by the dentist, inside the practice. Their success is due to skill, creativity, and adaptability to the medical requirements. Receptivity to new approaches along with talent lead to products directed toward safety and patient comfort, and to the success of the prosthetic treatment.