Prosthetics is the specialty that deals with methods of morpho-functional and esthetic restoration of the maxillary by means of biocompatible materials.
The causes of teeth loss in the dental arches are multiple: dental caries and their complications, tooth mobility (periodontal disease), trauma, abnormal tooth eruption.

The prosthetic variants can be:
• fixed prosthesis on natural teeth (crowns, veneers, bridges);
• combined fixed prosthesis (on teeth and implants);
• fixed prosthesis only on implants;
• mobile prosthetic (when most of the teeth are missing or are entirely missing);
• deployable prosthesis on implants (minimum two)

In our clinic we offer the latest methods with the latest materials for the fixed prosthetics version:

- crowns (VITA, Ivoclar) veneers, on zirconium cape (absence of the metallic interior providing an appearance identical to that of natural teeth). To obtain the zirconium crowns we use the CAD-CAM computerized technology, and are made in the dental technique laboratories owning the special equipment.

The CAD / CAM technology offers the modern technician the opportunity to shape and mill the support of the future tooth using the computer starting with the model obtained after taking teeth impressions. CAD / CAM - is an entire technological line consisting of a 3D scanner, computers, milling machine, own vacuum cleaner and sinter. The results are undoubtedly exceptional!

- ceramic with 10% built-in zirconium (VITA SUPRINITY): high resistance and long term reliability. The special esthetics is owed to the perfect combination of translucency, fluorescence and opalescence of new vitreous ceramic. Multiple indications: frontal and posterior crowns, superstructures on implants, veneers, inlays, onlays;

- ceramic with built-in composite (ENAMIC): corresponds to the characteristics of natural teeth and high-resistance, shows excellent light conductivity, ensure results of the highest esthetic and chromatic effects of great naturalness;

- all-ceramic crowns and veneers (EMAX). The veneers can be: preparation with minimally invasive polishing of the tooth enamel 0.5 / 0.7 mm, or without preparation (no Prep, CELTRA Ceramic), depending on the appearance and shape of the teeth involved.

- porcelain crowns (VITA, IVOCLAR, NORITAKE), on metallic frames (obtained classically or by sintering, by scanning the cast model)

- composite on Bio HPP frame: Bio HPP is a high performance polymer, insoluble in water, which, in general, behaves physiologically inert, the material is biocompatible, without side effects. It represents an alternative to precious metals and ceramic restorations, the low thickness of the walls are easily achieved, it polishes well, has no abrasion to antagonists, it protects natural teeth.

- provisional crowns and veneers from different acrylics and composite materials: PROTEMP, PMMA.

For mobile prosthesis there are three options available:

- simple acrylic, or total or partial reinforced (conventional)
- acrylics framed (wit¬h frame, molded hooks), telescopic
- elastic (obtained from a flexible material, which can also be transparent, particularly for hooks)

For implant prosthetics are available all the options above, to which we add a few specific prosthesis situations:

- fixed prosthesis screwed on one implant (when there is insufficient occlusal space), or the "ONE DAY IMPLANT" when a single implant is inserted in one day with provisional long term crown, screwed in PMMA.

- fixed prosthesis screwed on several implants (4 to the mandibular and 6 to the maxillary), BREDENT system version (SKY implant), the FAST & FIXED method (prosthesis in the same day).


SKY Fast & Fixed

This type of prosthesis also used at CRISDENT Clinic represents a new therapeutic concept, which involves immediate provisional prosthetic (24 hours) and fixed (acrylic saddle with at least 10 teeth, screwed), in cases of existing total edentation, or in the cases of severe periodontitis (mobile teeth) when the extractions are made in the same session with the implants. It is a German patent concept, which uses the SKY-BREDENT implants, based on the idea of placing longer implants (as long as the bone offer, measured with RX-3D-CBCT allows, the last (the distal) being positioned angular -45, for obtaining a better primary stability of the implants, and in the end a passive prosthesis, fixed with exclusive support on the implant.

After a minimum period (to ensure osseous-integration of the implant and to stabilize the bone - soft tissue post- intervention) mutually agreed with the patient, replace of the temporary work with a final one, which can be porcelain on Zirconium frame or composite on Bio -Hpp frame.

The Fast & Fixed dental implants system offers many advantages for the rapid reconstruction of the perfect smile. Based on new technology, with obvious benefits to the patient, the Fast & Fixed system can be the perfect choice for a speedy resolution of the dental problems.

In just 24 hours, the Fast & Fixed dental implants are fully functional and esthetic. Reducing the number of additional intervention is an obvious advantage of this system, with lower costs and less discomfort during recovery.

1. Rapid results.

Unlike other systems of immediate prosthetic, Fast & Fixed ensures recovery and overall functionality in only 24 hours. The fast results are due to how this type of implant avoids the complications faced by other similar procedures.

Delaying dental implants is caused in most cases by the need for repeated procedures, but Fast & Fixed requires one intervention to give a grade 10 smile.

3. Reduction of costs

Unlike traditional implants, which may require several interventions and a healing time of up to one year, Fast & Fixed system offers a quick solution, with a lower cost.
The shorter treatment requires fewer visits to the dentist and, important savings can be observed until completion of the work.

2. Long term warranty

Dental implants made through the Fast & Fixed system have an extremely long warranty, of up to 20 years.

The secret of the long service life is the manner the angled implants are oriented, that provides a high resistance. The dentures attached to dental implants have the same warranty as the Fast & Fixed system to provide long-term comfort.

4. Avoiding complications

Perhaps the most important advantage of Fast & Fixed dental implants is the manner it avoids complications that may occur during normal interventions. The existing structure of the bone can thus be used with maximum efficiency.
Using Fast & Fixed often eliminates the necessity of procedures like expanding the bone structure of the jaw and sinus complications.

-Fixed prosthetic screwed on several implants (minimum 4) on special multiunit systems of the other implant systems used in our clinic:

- protezare mobila pe implante (minim 2),cu diferite sisteme speciale : capse, telescoape, o-rings, bara Dolder.