Dental prevention or set of measures designed to prevent all oro--dental diseases is one of the best investments you can make for your oral health!
With the medical team at CRISDENT you can have beautiful teeth, healthy, white and shining without much effort if you use preventive procedures such as:

Manual scaling / ultrasonic scaling

(is the removal of plaque and microbial plaque and can be over or under the gums)

Crisdent Clinic uses one of the most advanced scaling systems on the market:

Mectron Multipiezo with pain management systems through the preset modular programs SOFT MODE and PULSE MODE (restorative mode) with an irrigation system with adjacent substances: Sodium hypochlorite (endodontics), H2O2, chlorhexidine (periodontology), antibiotics that are designed to add to standard treatment, obtaining extraordinary results.

The latest generation probes were designed each as to provide for a specific treatment plan thus offering the best results. (e.g. Periodontics / Endodontics / restorative)

Dental fluoridation

- It aims to prevent the formation of caries and / or reduce the progression of existing cavities.

Fluoridation indications::
• Fluoride treatment is indicated primarily for children aged 6 to 16 years, which is the period of formation of permanent teeth. However, adults can benefit from this prophylactic treatment.
• There are some diseases that are at high risk for tooth decay, such as dry mouth syndrome or gum disease.
• People predisposed to the development of caries.
• Patients with dental restorations or orthodontic appliances.

Professional cleaning

-this cleaning technique involves the use of a tool in addition to air and water, uses sodium bicarbonate powder, ensuring effective removal of tartar, plaque and stains due to nicotine, coffee, or those caused by certain colored food.

Ensure a good gum massage, thus stopping the bleeding of the gums. It is suitable for cleaning the occlusal surfaces of the teeth before sealing, cleans the abutments before final cementation, can be used before and during orthodontic treatment for people wearing Fixed-brackets braces and completes scaling through the blasting effect.

It is a safe technique, is devoid of side effects or risks, at the end of the Air Flow treatment the patient will enjoy a feeling of freshness and a pleasant breath).

Sealing the grooves and fissures

- simple and painless dental procedure, which isolates the tooth surface from the mouth, in order to prevent cavities - the dentist covers the very deep grooves on the occlusal surface of the molars and premolars, they having the potential to retaining food debris which can't be removed by simple brushing) as well as prophylactic treatment packages dedicated to different age groups and dental needs.

Professional brushing

The professional brushing is a preventive measure performed only in the dental office by the dentist and is intended to complement other oral hygiene methods.

There is evidence that the plaque that has not been removed for a longer period of time (old) cannot be removed by normal brushing performed by the patient at home.

In addition, by using professional brushing, besides optimal plaque removal, can also be corrected some types of tooth discoloration that may occur due to foods such as red wine, coffee, or due to smoking.

The process itself is fast, painless and very effective.

Professional brushing is sometimes made in other interventions such as ultrasonic scaling for additional cleaning and polishing the teeth (is more difficult for the plaque to attach to a sleek, smooth tooth).

Why does CRISDENT recommend prevention and care for the teeth?

Because the small problems that patients may have detected in routine checks, can be solved quickly with minimum pain and financial effort from the patients.

Primary prevention - which seeks to discover the causes of the disease, following the application of therapeutic methods properly used, to prevent causing the disease, stopping them before they reach irreversible stages, when curative treatment becomes necessary. In dentistry some of these measures are included in the term of oral hygiene.

Secondary prevention - implies capturing the disease in debut phases when applying the indicated curative treatments stops their evolution, performing morpho-functional restoration of the damaged tissues and to a state as close to the baseline normal. The example from the dentistry is filling the caries processes in the shallow cavity phase.

Tertiary prevention - includes all the measures taken to restore the tissues damaged by disease and morpho-functional rehabilitation of the patient to a point as close to normal, i.e. correction and compensation of the produced sequelae.