Pediatric dentistry deals with the study of dental pathology (simple caries, complicated caries, trauma, and dystrophies), periodontal and oral mucosa in children and teenagers, as well as preventive and curative treatment of these diseases. Pedodontics provides dental care to children, and is considering specific treatment for the temporary teeth (milk teeth) and permanent teeth (just erupted).

The problems that can lead to teeth problem must be anticipated in order to make a timely intervention possible. As a result of technology development in the field (e.g. on demand use of assisted therapy with inhalation sedation device, the visit the dentist at the CRISDENT clinic is no longer a stress for the child and therefore for the parents.

Children need specialized dental treatments by age groups, they require a different approach, and personalizing the treatments and creating a comfortable and safe environment for them are essential to a successful dental surgery. The first visits can be performed in a very simple and pleasant manner, it is not necessary that children sit in the dental chair. It is important they adjust to the atmosphere and the future dentist as easily as possible. The most vital steps in "Dental Life" of the child are the teething moments, then switching to adult food, when caries risk increases sharply, as well as the period of changing the milk teeth with the permanent ones.

In this periods, the pediatric dentist should become your child's friend, so then the word "dentist" does not become a nightmare for the child. Certain conditions of the milk teeth cause disorders in developing the permanent teeth, so it is very important to give the same attention to the treatment of the milk teeth, because on their health relies the harmonious and healthy development of the permanent dental arches.

In the dental office can be performed many prophylactic and treatment procedures for children and adolescents such as: sealing the grooves and fissures, non-invasive procedure that prevents decay at a rate of eighty percent, local fluoridation - method that strengthens the enamel of the freshly erupted permanent teeth, simple and complicated caries treatment, temporary teeth extractions. Some dentists do not accept children for treatments for various reasons, but at CRISDENT Clinic we have specialists endowed with patience and tact, dealing with the treatments of the tiny patients, determining them to come and happily see the dentist, gaining confidence in the staff.