At present, quality dentistry could not exist without the advances made in the field of periodontology.

Periodontics is one of the dental specialties that deals with diagnosis and designing the treatment for diseases affecting the periodontal tissue (tissues that hold the teeth in the alveoli). When there is a gums disease, it must be treated before any other intervention.

Any visit to a dental specialist should start with a careful analysis of the gums to reveal early signs of the periodontal disease. These signs can be superficial and easily overlooked by patients: a thin, red line at the base of the gums, bleeding when mild brushing, mild cases of gingivitis (inflamed gums).

Untreated, these conditions can have a negative impact on the work performed by the dentist, weaken teeth resistance and make impossible to adopt therapeutic maneuvers such as the insertion of dental implants.

CRISDENT team will provide periodontal therapy services such as:


Plasma therapy for gums (it is a natural method of maintenance and modeling the tissue regeneration processes; the advantages are: harmlessness, because the injected substance is plasma extracted by centrifuging own blood, is not toxic and has no rejection or allergic reactions or the possibility of infection (containing stem cells and cell regeneration factors);

Plasmodent works well in treating the periodontal disease, reducing tooth mobility, giving the gum a healthy aspect and stimulating bone regeneration;


Is the procedure by which the residual plaque embedded on the root surface and cement portions are removed so that ultimately results in a clean, hard, flat surface.

The surfacing procedure represents the elimination of the altered cementum, respectively the thorough, deep cleaning, of the root surfaces and eliminating the adherent deposits under the gum.

CRISDENT Clinic uses the most advanced instruments for surfacing from Hu Friedy (Gracey curette).


This procedure reduces plaque clutter favoring accumulation and bacterial growth - the toxins tank and a proper environment for developing other dental problems. The plaque is also formed due to mineralization of the bacterial plaque with the salts of calcium in the saliva.

It binds to the surface of the teeth but also other hard areas namely: restorations (fillings), bridges, dentures, implants, and orthodontic appliances (fixed or mobile), and can be a favoring factor for the occurrence of the periodontal disease.

Manual and ultrasound descaling removes the over-gum plaque, while the one below the gum is removed with special descaling instruments and curettes, and only partly with ultrasound.

The most common procedure is ultrasound descaling with a non-traumatic action on the teeth and gums, is well handled and non-painful in adults, neuro-psychic balanced, and without sensitive teeth (dentine hypersensitivity), and the water sprayed from the descaling device issues a local pressure cleaning the area and removing the displaced plaque

Laser therapy

Allows for a minimally invasive procedure with less sacrifice of biological substances than with the traditional methods of treatment. Laser therapy is a minimally invasive treatment option for the periodontal disease ("periodontitis").

Laser therapy helps remove the infected soft tissue in the periodontal pockets, removing the microbial biofilm, plaque, and infected cementum on the dental root surface, and closing the periodontal pockets after a treatment with a stable fibrin "clot".

CRISDENT CLINIC offers comprehensive periodontal therapy with one of the best specialized equipment in this field.

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