Otorhinolaryngology (ENT) is part of the surgical specialties of medicine and is dealing with the study of anatomy, physiology and pathology of the ear, nose, sinuses, mouth, pharynx and larynx.

The ENT specialists diagnose and treat diseases of ear, nose and throat in both children and adults.

It also includes the investigation and medical, surgical, and recovery treatment of the acoustic-vestibular unit disorders, and the disorders of the cranial nerves, as well as the hearing deficiencies.

ENT is closely related to other medical specialties such as neurology, pediatrics, allergy, dentistry, and plastic surgery.

The main diseases that ENT specialist treat are: upper respiratory tract infection, acute or chronic rhinitis, nasopharyngitis, sinusitis, pharyngitis, tonsillitis, runny nose, ear infection, nasal epistaxis, cough, hoarseness.

AT CRISDENT interdisciplinary clinic, you can benefit from the following ENT medical services:

- treatment (with substances acquired by the patient)
- pituitary secretion and nasal turbinate clearing
- Aspirations of ear secretion
- Applying ear treatment
- pharyngeal dressing
- cauterization of nose vascular stain
- Initial Consult
- Consult - check up
- sebaceous cyst excision
- Extraction of foreign body from the nose / ear
- unilateral earwax plug extraction
- bilateral earwax plug extraction
- foreign body extraction from the throat
- ear fiberscope
- rhino - pharyngeal fiberscopes
- rhino - pharyngeal - laryngeal fiberscopes
- paramigdalian phlegmon incision - drainage
- septal hematoma Incision - drainage
- nasal vestibule Incision - drainage
- external ear canal boil Incision - drainage
- infiltration of anesthetics / anti- inflammatory substances, tubal insufflations
- sampling ear secretion
- sampling throat swabs
- Sampling nasal exudate
- Sampling tongue scraper
- ENT biopsy sampling
- Suture of superficial wounds
- anterior nasal unilateral / bilateral plugging
- cleaing and dressing wounds
- cleaning and dressing the ear