In our clinic, we provide a wide range of implants which includes: ROOT ( Switzerland ) Bredent ( Germany ) Megagen ( Korea ) Alpha-Bio ( Israel ).


Dental implant surgery is a modern medical solution for replacement of missing teeth in the dental arch with root devices made of titanium (the dental implant itself), which can be the immediately put in a prosthetic, or after a period of time, depending on specific conditions, and the type of implant.

In our clinic, we provide a wide range of implants which includes: ROOT (Switzerland), Bredent (Germany) Megagen (Korea) Alpha-Bio (Israel).

The implant insertion procedure depends on several factors: general health, bone offer, patient availability.

If the patient has an important bone resorption, due to the long time interval from extraction (several years) to inserting the implant, it may require additional operations such as sinus lifting (elevating the sinus membrane) and bone addition (to promote sustainability of the implant).
The main limits ensuring the success of a dental implant are given by the quantity and quality of the bone where the implant is inserted, the position of the maxillary sinus to the upper arch of the main canal with vessels and nerves for the mandible.


Our clinic has the most advanced CBCT dental imaging system with the latest generation of descriptive and analytical software Ez3D offering detailed information on bone quality, anatomical landmarks, simulation and positioning of implants depending on the type and size.

Dental and medical history of the patient, performing a special examination will help your doctor to decide if you are a candidate for the surgery.
The dental implant is very well tolerated by the human body due to the similarity of the valence of titanium with the calcium according to periodic table.
Similar to other surgical procedures involving transplantation of a foreign body, there is a possibility that the patient's body rejects the implant. This, however, can occur in less than 1% of patients undergoing such dental treatment. Age is not an impediment to receive an implant but the overall health of the patient is the one that prevails.

The procedure to insert a dental implant is less painful than dieback two adjacent teeth to the missing tooth to achieve a fixed work (bridge). The procedure is performed under local anesthesia or inhalation sedation so that is even less painful than a normal tooth extraction. Patients with dental implants are recommended additional oral hygiene, using adjuvant methods (mouth showers, mouthwash, special brushes, etc.) and to follow post-surgery instructions.

Although the dental implant is in most cases the ideal solution for replacing missing teeth, some patients reject this solution for financial reasons. But before rejecting such a solution, you must take into consideration that for a common prosthetic work, for a single missing tooth you will pay a further two adjacent teeth (prosthesis and root canal therapy), which will become "the pillars”. Therefore, by choosing the dental implant treatment, you can save the integrity of two teeth, the price of both prosthesis versions can be comparable.