Dental Esthetics totals cosmetic procedures through: esthetic crowns, ceramic inlays (inlay / onlay), dental veneers made in the laboratory (with minimal dental tissue polishing) without polishing (no prep.) or directly in the dental office. It also comprises of tooth restorations through composite fillings, tooth whitening, or even orthodontic maneuvers. The most requested treatment in the dental esthetics is tooth whitening that can be performed in practice by various means such as laser or lamp whitening (e.g. ZOOM lamp whitening also used in our clinic), or at home by using previously made mouth trays containing hydrogen peroxide gel in different concentrations.

The maximum esthetic results are obtained by using dental veneers. These are some very thin ceramic structures that are glued to the external surface of the teeth, altering both the shape, color, and the slight shaft rotations of the teeth. In general, the front teeth are the targeted ones. The process of veneering can be made in two ways: by polishing the teeth (the most appropriate method where a significant change in the appearance of the teeth is required. Preparation of teeth consists in removing a layer about 0.7 mm from the surface of the enamel of from the vestibular area and from the sides of the tooth. This method is also recommended where we have very voluminous teeth and applying veneers without any preparation of the teeth will further increase their volume). The no polishing (no-prep) or a minimum polishing of the teeth (this method is indicated in the case of thin teeth) and uses 0.5 mm thick veneers with the advantage of preserving the dental tissue.

Another esthetic novelty is represented by the dental crowns or inlays made with the new computer technique CAD / CAM (computer-aided design / computer-aided manufacturing). This anticipates the future dental prosthetic parts and are milled from integral ceramic blocks with excellent esthetic results, and with good adaptation to the tooth preparation. The dental crowns must adequately replace the tooth they wrap. To do this, the crown must take over the functions of the tooth. A dental crown is basically a new exterior for a tooth. Worn-out (blunt) teeth due to aging, fractured or misaligned teeth can be restored to their original shape by applying dental crowns.

Dental implant restorations can be included in the esthetics of dentistry, especially when applied in the front. With modern surgical techniques the soft tissues can be modified so that restoration will fit perfectly in the mouth. It is important to know that there is no pain when inserting an implant and this operation comparable to dental extraction is done under anesthesia or inhalation sedation.

The composites used today gives the physicians the ability to make direct restorations with excellent results, for simple fillings or direct veneers on the front teeth. Both the wide range of shades and the fact they have a translucence similar to the natural teeth lead to an aesthetic that tends to perfection.

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