Dermatology is the branch of medicine that includes diagnosing and treating skin diseases, both infectious and non-infectious of the neighboring mucosa and the appendages (nails and hair), as well as the care of patients having such diseases.

Many of the skin signs of are actually manifestations of systemic diseases, correct treatment thereto will require good cooperation with other specialties (rheumatology, endocrinology, internal medicine, gynecology, oncology, dentistry).

At CRISDENT interdisciplinary clinic, our team pays close attention to communicating with the patients, inform them on all the aspects related to the diagnosis and dermatological treatment, our equipment being at European standards, having the latest equipment, and the materials used are of top quality.

The medical staff provides general dermatology consults, venereology consults, and performs dermatological microsurgery interventions. Our dermatology services are affordable to all categories of people. Our policy is of strict confidentiality.

Medical services:

• Dermatology Consults for adult
• Pediatric Dermatology Consults (atopic dermatitis, skin infections, prurigo, etc.)
• Dermoscopy
• Plasmolifting
• Wood's lamp examination
• Harvesting secretions
• Dermatologic Surgery

  • Curettage of skin lesions (warts, seborrheic keratosis, genital warts, etc.)
  • Radio-cauterization (papilloma, genital warts, seborrheic keratosis, actinic keratosis, nevi, carcinomas, etc.)
  • Chemical cauterization (xanthelasma, seborrheic keratosis, etc.)
  • Surgical excision (sebaceous cyst, tumor formation)
  • Skin biopsy
  • Dressing chronic trophic ulcers, perforating edge, etc
  • Incision and drainage of purulent lesion
  • Intra-lesion corticosteroid injection
  • Partial and total nail avulsion
  • Extraction of ticks, comedones (face, chest, back or thorax)
  • Delete suture threads

• Dermo-cosmetics

  • Dermo-cosmetic treatment for acne
  • Chemical peeling for acne
  • Chemical peeling depigmentation
  • Chemical peeling rejuvenation
  • Chemical peeling melisma
  • Plasmolifting

PLASMOGEL – About the procedure:

Plasmo-Gel – is a minimally invasive method, non-traumatic and productive-injection rejuvenation, which allows the patient's plasma to be prepared into a natural filler, which is used to remove deep wrinkles on the face and to correct facial contour irregularities.

How does plasmogel work?

Plasmopara gel is prepared from rich-platelet plasma by means of a set of special Plasmolifting tubes. For this, the plasma selected from the patient's blood is subjected to a thermal treatment in the thermostat. Due to this processing the plasma narrows down and takes a gel shape.

The gel is inserted into the tissue in the wrinkles to fill them. The gel is spread evenly and visually leaves no trace of correction. It activates the tissue of the unified cells forming the face skeleton. In fact, it helps build the skin's natural smoothness. Also Plasmo -gel stimulate tissue regeneration. Due to this process the effect is maintained over a longer period.


• premature skin change (wrinkles, folds, fractures of the skin);
• skin aging;
• Loss of tissue volume;
• post-acne scars;
• ptosis of skin and change of the face oval


• pregnancy, lactation;
• diseases of the blood;
• Oncology ;
• The process of acute infection;
• Allergy to anticoagulants;

Effects of the procedure

• Filling and smoothing the wrinkles
(nasal lobes folds, wrinkles on the forehead and around the eyes, chiset wrinkles, wrinkles and folds around the lips and chin, nasal-maxilla furrows).
• Correction of the face oval.
• Restoring the tissue volume loss.
• embossed smoothing of the skin, post-acne and atrophic skin scars.
• wrinkles prophylaxis by skeleton formation and new tissue combining.
• stimulating skin renewal and improvement.
• Strengthening the effect of anti-aging procedures.

Priorities of the PlasmoGel procedure

• Safe and natural.
• No pain.
• It is completely let off the tissue.
• No rehabilitation needed.
• Does not cause allergy.
• Is not mutogen.
• Non-toxic.
• Contains no negative components.
• Possibility of infection is excluded.
• Accessible.

PLASMOLIFTING – or vampire therapy

Plasmolifting or vampire therapy Is an injection revitalizing procedure that allows triggering the natural process of skin rejuvenation patient, making it work like when you were young.

The plasmolifting method is an achievement of the Russian scientists, who, benefiting from the experience of the advanced countries in maintaining youthful skin, have developed a revolutionary formula for fast and natural rejuvenation, of lifting and treatment of face and body skin. Currently, the Plasmolifting method is successfully applied in cosmetology and has won recognition from thousands of physicians and patients around the world for its efficiency and safety.

How does Plasmolifting work?

The Plasmolifting procedure is based on a patented method for processing the patient's blood with a particular set of biotechnological vacuumed test tubes and a particular centrifuge process. During the procedure, the patient's blood is separated in an injectable platelet-rich plasma, which later on is injected into the patient's tissues.

Own platelet plasma
is a "natural elixir of youth", containing growth factors in a high concentration, as well as enzymes, proteins and vitamins in natural combination.

Platelet plasma injected into the patient's skin normalize tissue respiration, water balance, leads to the formation of new fibroblasts, osteoblasts, chondroblasts and endothelial cells. Also, the processes of synthesis of collagen, elastin and intercellular substance take place.

After such a procedure the skin protection system is activated, the healing and scarring processes are accelerated, preventing aging. In other words, Plasmolifting means tissue engineering.

It is important that the details of the platelets plasma are completely natural, have no mutagenic effects, and do not cause cancers, tumors and other negative reactions. The undeniable advantage of the Plasmolifting procedure is its safety, since the injected substance is the patient's 'own product', is not toxic, and excludes any rejection reactions, allergies, and infection possibilities.

What are the advantages of the Plasmolifting method?

Plasmolifting is an effective method that helps concomitantly solve some esthetic problems of the patient: improvement of skin color and texture, increased elasticity, smoothing of the skin, reducing the wrinkles.

Plasmolifting is a universal method used to solve a variety of cosmetic problems.

Instructions for use:

  • Treatment of age changes of the skin (chrono-aging).
  • Photo-aging.
  • Treatment of excessive pigmentation.
  • Prevention and treatment of acne and post-acne.
  • Sensitive "stressed" skin care.
  • Prevention and treatment of cellulite.
  • Treatment of alopecia, hair loss.
  • Seborrheic dermatitis (with dry and greasy dandruff)

Plasma Injection Ares
The following platelet rich plasma injection techniques are currently used:

  • Reinforcement (netlike) 
  • Nappage (papules like)
  • Marking
  • Cannulation

The use of appropriate plasma injection technique according to the state of the in the skin allows to obtain the best result and to maximize the regenerating effect.

Infiltration of platelet rich plasma is carried out in areas with problems (acne, post-acne, wrinkles, postoperative scars, stretch marks, cellulite etc.).


Plasmolifting™ — the secret of a beautiful hair!

Plasmolifting™ is a revolutionary procedure for injecting platelet plasma, allowing local stimulation of hair growth, prevention of hair loss, and improvement of the stem structure. As a result, hair becomes shinier, more elastic, and thicker, and the split ends are no longer a problem!

The Plasmolifting™ method It is an invention of the Russian researchers who, studying the international medicine development trends in trichology, have created a revolutionary product, with a number of positive effects on the structure of hair and its root. Currently the Plasmolifting method is widely used in trichology and has won recognition from thousands of physicians and patients worldwide for its efficiency and safety.

How does Plasmolifting™ work?

The Plasmolifting™ procedure is based on a patented method for processing the patient's blood with a particular set of biotechnological vacuumed test tubes and a particular centrifuge process. During the procedure, the patient's blood is separated in an injectable platelet-rich plasma, which is the product used for infiltration in the scalp

Before                                                              After 6 months

The platelets plasma contains a high concentration of growth factors, and enzymes, proteins and vitamins in natural combination.

Platelet plasma injected into the patient's skin prevents damage to the hair bulb and it goes from hair loss phase into its growth phase. As a result of the action of the plasma, blood circulation and cellular metabolism are improved, there is an increase in the local immunity of the scalp, the pathogenic flora is inhibited, active feeding of the hair roots occurs.

What are the advantages of the Plasmolifting™ method?

Plasmolifting™ allows patients' hair to regain its shine, density, natural beauty and health. Depending on nosology, a course of treatment of 4-8 procedures with an interval of 7-10 days may be indicated. The first results of the procedure are seen in 5-6 days after the first session.

Indications for applying the Plasmolifting™ method in trichology:

  • thin, brittle and split hair.
  • seborrhea (dandruff).
  • Hair loss (alopecia in focus, diffused, androgenic).
  • Reduce of the density and quality of hair.

The results obtained as a result of applying the Plasmolifting method

  • Reduction of hair loss.
  • Strengthening the hair follicles.
  • Normalization of the function of the sebaceous glands.
  • Removal of dandruff, dryness, itching.
  • Reducing hair fragility and splitting.
  • Increase of the diameter and density of hair.
  • elasticity, radiance and density of hair.

Since the self plasma inducing therapy method is universal, it works great not only separately but also in combination with other cosmetic procedures. Plasmolifting ™ can be combined with such hair restoration procedures as the mesotherapy, ozone therapy, massage and cosmetics such as Regaine and Eucapil.

The Plasmolifting™ method has a minimum of contraindications, and most of them are rarely met. The production technology is a very simple procedure for physicians, while being well tolerated by the patients.

The Plasmolifting™ procedure is currently one of the most efficient, safe and universal methods to restore hair density and quality.