Simple consult - diagnostic50 Lei
Specialty consult + treatment plan100 Lei
Intra-oral camera consult100 Lei
Velscope consult100 Lei


Digital OPG50 Lei
CBCT (50*50) / (1-3 teeth)50 Lei
CBCT hemi-arch / 80*50mm100 Lei
CBCT arch / 80*80mm150 Lei
CBCT total (maxillary + mandible)/120*90mm300 Lei
CBCT Ear Pairs (ENT)250 Lei
CBCT paranasal sinuses (ENT)400 Lei
Check-up x-rayFREE


Vital rooting with filling 1 root canal 200 Lei
Vital rooting with filling 2 root canals 250 Lei
Vital rooting with filling 3 root canals 300 Lei
3 molar rooting (3-4 canals)350 Lei
Pulpectomy (d.decid) with Walkoff paste + iodoform100 Lei
1 canal gangrene and periodontitis treatment250 Lei
2-canal apical gangrene / periodontitis treatment300 Lei
3-canal apical gangrene / periodontitis treatment350 Lei
1 canal drainage50 Lei
2-3 canals draiage50 Lei
Medium photo composite filling (one facet)100 Lei
Large Photo Composite Filling (Two Facets)150 Lei
Color photo composite filling (deciduous teeth)70 Lei
Calf's tooth veneering50 Lei
Composite veneering by direct method300 Lei
Sealing ditches and beads - permanent molars50 Lei
CIS filling -Fuji 950 Lei
Molar automated Ketac CIS filling50 Lei
Provisional filling ZnO + Eugenol50 Lei
indirect / direct Capping (hydroxide Ca)50 Lei
Calming dressing (Dentocalmin Arsenic-free)50 Lei
Removal of large old fillings (amalgam)50 Lei
1 canal radicular root canal filling removal50 Lei
2-3 canals radicular root canal filling removal100 Lei
Removing foreign bodies from canals70 Lei
Titanium Pivot (RCR) coronaradicular reconstruction150 Lei
Prefabricated titanium pivot50 Lei
fiber glass prefabricated Pivot 100 Lei
Treatment of dentinal / dental hyperesthesia50 Lei
in spoon Fluorination - 2 arcades50 Lei
both arches calve's teeth brushing50 Lei
Calf's tooth veneering50 Lei
Laser Endo Therapy / Tooth 50 Lei


Anesthesia with infiltration50 Lei
Deciduous tooth extraction (calf's teeth)50 Lei
Mobile tooth extraction (paradonthosis)50 Lei
Simple extraction (monorad + plurirad) with suture100 Lei
Pluriradicular extraction (with separation and suture)150 Lei
Molar extraction 3 erupted normally on the arch / ectopic150 Lei
Molar extraction 3 increased degree of difficulty200 Lei
Wisdom tooth extraction / canine tooth/ included premolar / Odontectomy350 Lei
Extraction with alveolotomy150 Lei
Incision and drainage vestibular abscess100 Lei
Post-extraction hemorrhage treatment50 Lei
Post-extractional alveolitis treatment50 Lei
Gingivo-Osteoplasty (classic method)100 Lei
Gingivoplasty / vestibuloplasty (classic method)50 Lei
Frenoplasty (surgical technique)200 Lei
gum removal100 Lei
Apical monoreadicular resection300 Lei
Apical pluriradicular resection, RTG (tumelization without bone augmentation)400 Lei
Alpha Bio Implant (insertion)900 Lei
Roott dental implant (insertion)1150 Lei
Megagen Implant (insertion)1350 Lei
Bredent implant (insertion) / tooth1800 Lei
External Sinus Lifting (+ augmentation material)1500 Lei
External Sinus Lifting (without augmentation material)3000 Lei
Bone addition / 1 gram bone + collagen membrane1500 Lei
Guided tissue regeneration (without materials)400 Lei
Inhalation (30 minutes)50 Lei
Inhalation sedation (session of up to one hour)150 Lei


Consult50 Lei
Model study50 Lei
Pendulum400 Lei
Lip bumper300 Lei
Tongue arch300 Lei
Disjunctor600 Lei
Trans-palate arch300 Lei
Delaire mask700 Lei
Twin block700 Lei
Removing physionomic fixed device150 Lei
Removal of monomaxilar metal fixed device100 Lei
Fixed contention200 Lei
Hawley plaque250 Lei
Thermoformed mouth-guard for arch contention250 Lei
Re-cementing of new ring100 Lei
Miofunctional device650 Lei
Enable of mobile device50 Lei
Fixed monomaxillary metallic device1200 Lei
Fixed physiognomic mono-maxillary ceramic device1800 Lei
Fixed physiognomic mono-maxillary sapphire device2000 Lei
Enable fixed metal monomaxillary device 100 Lei
Enable fixed metal bimaxillary device 150 Lei
Activation of monomaxillary physionomic fixed device120 Lei
Activation of bimaxillary physionomic fixed device200 Lei
Active mobile device600 Lei
Nance arch350 Lei
Mobile Device Repair -fractured crochet replacement50 Lei
New metalic bracket recolation100 Lei
New physiognomic bracket recolation200 Lei


Ultrasonic scrubbing/ arch50 Lei
Ultrasonic scrubbing + professional brushing / tooth10 Lei
Ultrasonic scrubbing + professional brushing /arch100 Lei
Professional brushing on arch50 Lei
Prophy Jet AirFlow (with bicarbonate) per arch50 Lei
Treatment of periodontal abscess (incision and drainage)50 Lei
Closed field curettage in the tooth / root50 Lei
Curettage in open field (flap) on the tooth / root50 Lei
Plasma injection / tube 400 Lei
Plasma + plasmogel injection / tube 450 Lei
Dr. Smile Laser Therapy (biostimulation)50 Lei
Dr. Smile Laser Therapy (gingivoplasty / tooth)100 Lei
Dr. Smile Laser Therapy (frenoplasty)150 Lei
Dr. Smile Laser Therapy (decontamination / arch)100 Lei
Dr. Smile Laser Therapy (decontamination / tooth)50 Lei
Frenoplasty (surgical technique)200 Lei
Gingivoosteoplasty (classic method)100 Lei
Gingivoplasty / vestibuloplasty (classic method)50 Lei
PRF membrane/ Tube200 Lei
Plasma infiltrations of PRP / 1 tube400 Lei
Plasma infiltrations of PRP / 2 tubes600 Lei


Metal crown200 Lei
Temporary Protemp crown100 Lei
Teporary acrylic crown PMMA Bredent (long-term)150 Lei
Spofa Acrylic temporary crown 100 Lei
Metal-acrylic crown250 Lei
Metal-composite crown300 Lei
Bio HPP Crown300 Lei
Noritake Metal-ceramic crown (classic method)450 Lei
Noritake metal-ceramic crown (CAD-CAM) / Vita500 Lei
SUPRINITY Porcelain crown 1100 Lei
Porcelain crown on zirconia head1000 Lei
Porcelain Crown on Zirconium Cape Implant1600 Lei
Porcelain veneer on zirconium cape (with tooth preparation)1000 Lei
Porcelain Crown Repair100 Lei
EMAX Pressed ceramic crown 1200 Lei
EMAX ceramic veneer (no prep)1300 Lei
Celtra veneer (no prep)1300 Lei
Total acrylic prosthesis1000 Lei
Total prosthesis with metal reinforcement1200 Lei
Acrylic partial prosthesis 4-6 teeth800 Lei
Acrylic partial prosthesis 6-10 teeth1000 Lei
Flexible acrylic prosthesis2000 Lei
Skeletal prosthesis with special elements (slides) / 2 telescopes2500 Lei
Telescopic prosthesis / 3 telescopes2750 Lei
Telescopic prosthesis / 4 telescopes3000 Lei
Skeletal prosthesis with casted crochetes 2300 Lei
Skeletal prosthesis with orthodontic crotches2200 Lei
Kemeny prosthesis 1-3 teeth300 Lei
Kemeny prosthesis 3-5 teeth500 Lei
Prosthesis repair150 Lei
prosthesis casing200 Lei
repairs + prosthesis casing200 Lei
relining + Hygiene of a prosthesis screwed on the implant500 Lei
Replacement of a tooth in the prosthesis50 Lei
Replacement of a crochet in the prosthesis50 Lei
RCR casted in the laboratory200 Lei
Ablation / crown50 Lei
Mouth-guard for bruxism whitening / arch100 Lei
Prosthetic model study footprint per arch 50 Lei
ceramic crown repair (porcelain)100 Lei
Cementation - Fuji Plus / Element50 Lei
CIS Ketac Cementing / Adhesor per element50 Lei
Alpha Bio Implant Prostetics (crown cap tip)900 Lei
Roott Implant Prostetics (crown cap tip)1150 Lei
Roott Implant Prostetics(with 2 tips)1600 Lei
Megagen Implant Prostetics (straight crown cap tip)1350 Lei
Prosthetic Megagen implant (angled tip cape crown)1350 Lei
Bredent prosthesis with straight tip1575 Lei
Bredent prosthesis with angled tip1800 Lei
Bredent Fast & Fixed prostetics 4 Implants (Mandible) / Fixed Temporary Work + Surgery / Arch15750 Lei
Fast & Fixed Bredent Prosthesis 6 implants (maxillary) / temporary fixed prostesys + surgery / arch20250 Lei
Fast & Fixed Bredent Prostesys / 4 Implants / Fixed final (Bio HPP + Composite)9000 Lei
Fast & Fixed Bredent Prostetics / 4 Implants / Fixed final (Bio HPP + Composite)9900 Lei
Emergency tariff: + 25% of displayed prices

Dental Esthetics

Laser whitening 1 arch450 Lei
ZOOM lamp whitening one arch650 Lei
Intra-coronary whitening / devital tooth50 Lei
Laser whitening /piece50 Lei
Opalescence Boost Whitening / arch325 Lei
bruxism mouth-guard, whitening / arch100 Lei
Whitening at home (mouth-gurds included) 2 arches600 Lei
Polilux lamp whitening/ arch450 Lei